Music theory and ear-training course

This private course is meant to help all performing, singing or producing musicans who need more knowledge. Those who really hear and understand what's going on can create music from another level.

The focus is on practical exercises and ear-training. Subjects are:

Examples are takes from todays pop-, electronic- and rock-music, as well as classics and standards. Arranging and composing by oneself wil be part of the course. I'll also give an overview on the whole musical history. Instrumental skills or notation knowledge are not required.

Each course (4 to 6 persons) meets once a week for continous learning. The course will take about 6 month and is divided in 5 units of 4 lessons, with breaks between units as arranged. Each lesson take 90 minutes. The price is 80,– € per unit.

Ask for details and new groups!

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